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    1995 Auto Sales: Writing a welcome letter

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    The CEO of 1995 Auto Sales also is part owner/CEO of Collins-Pine. Collins-Pine (CP) is a wood products company with a very distinct culture of stewardship for the land it manages. When harvesting materials, care is taken to leave the forest canopy intact so regeneration is a natural occurrence. People are valued and treated with respect, and the understanding is that their expertise will help keep the company competitive.

    The CP business has been good and the company has recently hired 7 new employees. You have been asked to write a welcome letter to help explain the following:

    Introduce the CollinsPine corporate philosophy, goals, and culture.
    Drawing from examples, such as forms of communications within the company, power and authority relationships, and other norms, describe how Collins-Pine lives its culture.

    900 words (please use your own words do not copy from library).

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    July 17, 2009

    All New Employees,
    25, Glenview Avenue,
    Minnesota, MN 54342

    Dear Mr. Newman,

    I welcome you to Auto-Sales which is a part of the Collins-Pine group of companies. I write this letter to you to explain the very special Collins-Pine philosophy, goals and culture. Please note that Collins-Pine has a very special culture that protects the land it manages. The company not only values the forests it harvests by not disturbing its canopy, it also develops a very special relationship with all its employees. They imbibe its culture and become a part of the Collins-Pine family.

    The philosophy of the company is that the forest operations support a culture of sustainable forestry. The basic approach of the company is that growth from the timberlands can be harvested but the growing stock cannot be reduced. The relationship that is imbibed in the employees is that the company timber is the "principal" and the growth is the "interest". The company is free to draw from the interest but not from the principal.

    This basic philosophy is used by the forest management personnel of Collins-Pine. This enables the manages to increase forest-diversity, protect watersheds, regenerate naturally the forest and protect the habitat of wildlife. The strategies of Collins-Pine are designed to replicate the natural process of repletion so that the diversity of trees is maintained and there is natural regeneration of trees.

    The managers log sites at intervals of 12-year to 20-year intervals. Dead wood is left in large quantities. The harvests are light and there is excellent road maintenance. The managers ensure that the logging is carried out in such a manner that there is little ...