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    Powerpoint:Thheories of Management

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    Task Name: Phase 3 Individual Project
    Deliverable Length: 10-15 PowerPoint slides (excluding reference and title slides) with speaker notes
    Details: Library Research Assignment
    Mrs. Jones explains to you that the board wants you to prepare a presentation discussing leadership and the theories behind it. The presentation should contain researched information regarding the contingency theories of leadership, such as the Fiedler model for leadership, Hersey and Blanchard's situational leadership theory, and the path-goal model for leadership.
    For this assignment, you must submit a presentation consisting of 10-15 PowerPoint slides with at least 100-150 words of speaker's notes per slide in which you discuss leadership and the theories behind it. You must use at least 2 sources from the library within your presentation.
    Assignment Guidelines:
    In a PowerPoint presentation, do the following:
    o Define and discuss leadership.
    o Explain the Fiedler model for leadership.
    o Explain Hersey and Blanchard's situational leadership theory.
    o How could you use this theory with regard to 1995 Auto Sales, Inc.?
    o Explain the path-goal model for leadership.
    o Discuss the effectiveness of each leadership theory.
    o Discuss which of the theories works best in today's working environment.
    o Explain how you would lead and guide a business team or group.

    1995 Auto Sales Inc, Scenario
    You are the newly hired director of training and development for 1995 Auto Sales Inc., a growing used-car dealership business. Your job is to provide technical skills and enrichment training for the company's 129 employees, as well as new-employee orientation classes. You have been directed by the CEO, Mrs. Jones, to develop a management track of training, which potential supervisors, managers, and project team leaders must complete before stepping into those roles. Additionally, current managers and supervisors will be required to attend this training within one year.

    In its early days, the company operated in a traditional manner, organizing departments along functional lines; however, it has since discovered that a matrix structure will better fit the nature of the business. The company has placed high value on making work meaningful for its employees, believing that this will foster creativity and innovation. The company culture encourages a team orientation.

    As the director of training and development, your job tasks are to understand the roles of a manager and a leader. You are required to develop and present a management track of training, which will include training on corporate values and goals, organizational structures and culture, software tools, communication, motivation, and the implementation of change.

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