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    What Makes a Good School Welcome Letter?

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    Find and analyse:

    "Welcome Letters" 8.3A and 8.3B. Respond to the following: Amatea, E. S. (2013). Building culturally responsive family-school relationships (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education.
    ISBN-10: 0205523641

    Answer the following:
    - How are the two welcome letters different in regard to culture (the teachers' beliefs)?
    - With regard to milieu (the teachers' assumptions about their audience)?
    - With regard to social systems (the teachers' beliefs about how roles are to be structured)?
    - With regard to ecology (the tone and language of the letters)?
    - What is different about the second letter?
    - How is the feeling of family-school collaboration conveyed?
    - What changes would you make to the first letter?
    - What changes would you make to the second letter?

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    The first letter seemed to be harsh as well as strict. It was not very inviting and did not facilitate interaction between her and the parents. It appeared that the teacher assumed that the parents would not be interactive in their child's education. The tone was as though the teacher did not really want to be involved with the students at all. The first letter needs to be completely changed to sound more encouraging, and discuss how the parents would be more involved ...

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    The solution outlines and evaluates the contrast between school welcome letters to parents in regard to culture, social systems, and ecology. 316 words.