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Community health leadership helps build wellness

I need some help in drafting a letter to send to potential panel advisors requesting them to serve as advisors for a new wellbeing index study. As you can imagine we will need a multi-disciplinary team with experience in (economics, aging, obesity and lifestyles experts, psychology, religion, spirituality--and other important contributory areas of wellbeing.

also, any idea the best way to go about seeking individuals for this effort as advisors? Thanks

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I don't know where you live (you're welcome to follow up) but most communities, small and large, have a clergy group, often that meets for breakfast, like midweek, mental health agency, medical affairs or local physicians association, health department, which includes a dietician or nutrition dept., WIC (Women Infants and Children) program, YMCA or health club as well as local school representative, that network with the community, as well as parent groups.

You could write a generic letter but hone down to a more narrow focus with certain potential ...

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Ideas about how to coalese experts and advisors in order to help improve community wellness are discussed.