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A letter of welcome

The VP of Technology and Manufacturing has asked you to prepare a 250-300 word letter welcoming guests to the conference. Because English is a second language for most participants, you understand that the letter must be written in plain English, without complex sentences or idiomatic expressions. The letter will appear over the President's signature and will be provided to each guest with their registration materials.

You have been asked to include the following information in the letter:
* An invitation to attend the President's keynote address the next day (April 10, 200_) at 9 AM. The address will be held in the California ballroom at the hotel.
* An invitation to visit the company's exhibit on the convention floor.
* Some sights in your city that guests might want to visit on their free time.
* The names and addresses of some good restaurants that serve international cuisine.
* Tips about the best ways to get around town (e.g. the "el" in Chicago)
* A company phone number that guests can call if they need assistance of any kind.

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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Fiber Optics and Technology Conference. It is also our pleasure to welcome you to the President's address tomorrow morning (10 April, 2007)in the California Ballroom on the second floor. The speech will begin at 9 am.

Afterward, we look forward to seeing you at our exhibit on the convention floor. We have many exciting ideas and products to help you with your needs. We are in Booth 9112. A map is included in your registration package.

As a way to welcome you to our beautiful city, we would like to tell you about some ...

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The body of a letter of welcome by host for a convention. Included are the opening address information and other pertinent information about the host city and its amenities.