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    new hire letter

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    Need help in preparing a 600 word new hire letter using the following scenario. The CEO of 1995 Auto Sales also is part owner/CEO of Collins-Pine. Collins-Pine (CP) is a wood products company with a very distinct culture of stewardship for the land it manages. When harvesting materials, care is taken to leave the forest canopy intact so regeneration is a natural occurrence. People are valued and treated with respect, and the understanding is that their expertise will help keep the company competitive.

    The CP business has been good and the company has recently hired 7 new employees. You have been asked to write a welcome letter to help explain the following:

    Introduce the CollinsPine corporate philosophy, goals, and culture.
    Drawing from examples, such as forms of communications within the company, power and authority relationships, and other norms, describe how Collins-Pine lives its culture.

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    Collinspie Corporate Philosophy, Goals and culture:

    To: All the new emoloyees of the company

    I extend a warm welcome to all the newly hired employees at Collinspie. Welcome to your new family for a bright and prosperous career!

    Collinspie is a modern, progressive organization that values its employees and treats them with respect and care. We promote diversity at our workplace and provide a conducive environment for all employees.

    At Collinspie, we are committed towards the protection of the environment that we operate in and strive to adhere to best practices in environmental protection. We firmly believe that integrating the principles of environmental protection into our day to day business operations will lead to the establishment of a sustainable society.

    We sincerely believe that our harvesting process should be done with utmost care to ensure that regeneration of forest takes place in natural manner. Collinspie is also dedicated ...

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    Need help in preparing a 600 word new hire letter using the following scenario.