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    Concepts of Planning, Organizing, Controlling, and Leading

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    You have been asked to review the following situation.

    Joe, a newly appointed service manager for 1995 Auto Sales, lasted a mere 3 weeks before being placed back into his previous position in the customer service department. The rumor mill (which tends to be correct at 1995 Auto) said it was a case of Joe's expectations and those of upper management being vastly different when it came to what the management position entailed. Joe expected to be doing mostly the same work with more pay and maybe a few more meetings. He found himself faced with a work unit full of his former peers whom he saw (and who saw him) in a whole new light.

    Your post should include the following:

    Explain how the management role differs from working side-by-side with the same people in a production role.
    How could Joe's episode have been avoided?

    800 words (please use your own words,, do not copy from library)

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