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    Define the following

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    Define the following and its importance to our personal and business way of life:

    1. Constitution
    2. Legislative
    3. Executive
    4. Judicial
    5. Commerce Clause
    6. Supremacy Clause
    7. Equal protection
    8. Due process
    9. Free speech
    10. Privacy issues
    11. Takings Clause

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    Definition and Importance


    Meaning: It is a legal system for government, which is enacted as a written paper that establishes the norms and regulations of a sovereign political entity. In terms of particular country, constitution can be defined as a fundamental political principle of a national constitution, which is responsible for the development of structure, power, procedures and duties. Constitution is applicable to any law that defines the operation of a government, along with some historical legal systems that existed before the improvement of modern national constitution.

    Importance to personal life: Constitution is important for personal life, as it analyzes all the activities related to the personal life of the person. It is the legal system, which forces the people to act according to the rules and regulations of the constitution. The actions of the people are assessed by the concerning authorities. The security aspect is also overlooked by the government authorities, which are developed by the constitution system (Constitution of the United States, 1995).

    Importance to business: Rules and regulations established by the constitution system also provide some benefits to the organizations for conducting their business in a successful manner. It assists the organization to compete in the global environment in an effective manner. If the compliance system is developed according to the rules and principles of the constitution, established by the government, it will assist the organization to develop a positive corporate image in the market.


    Meaning: The laws developed by a legislature are known as legislative. It is also known as statutory law. These are created by a representative deliberative body, which has the authority to make, change or amend the laws. Main components of legislative are the chambers or houses. A legislative with one chamber is known as unicameral and with two chambers is termed as bicameral. Bicameral legislative has two separate chambers one is upper and another is lower house. These also differ in their authorities and duties.

    Importance to personal life: Legislative is important for personal life, as it formulates and implements laws for the welfare of the people. These are developed for the easiness of the people. The members selected for developing laws for the society are also important for the people, as they determine the policies and rules for particular system.

    Importance to business: Legislative is also important for the organization in order to lead the business in a successful manner. The entry in any new business is based on the complexity of the laws and rules developed by the associated authorities, so it is also important for the organization in order to compete in the market in an effective manner (Fell, 2004).


    Meaning: It is known as the head of the government. In some countries, it is also known as government of particular nation or country. In a residential government, the president is the executive of that particular nation. In a parliament system, the leader of the largest party is known as executive. Executive is assisted by a number of persons such as employees of the government, civil servants and ministers who have various responsibilities for particular reactors such as education, health and foreign affairs. Different nations have different definitions of the executives depending on their constitution system.

    Importance to personal life: Executives have importance for the personal life, as their abilities and skills to manage and regulate the government play a major role in the determination of the economy, which further ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2146 Words, APA References