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Research Hypothesis: Real Estate Data

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Please help me with the following research paper, I am so lost.........

Using the attached information, I need help describing a research issue or problem.

Include a definition of your selection using quantifiable measures.

Include the following steps of the business research process that must follow for addressing or finding a solution to your selected issue or problem:

â?¢ Purpose of the research

o Describe the research problem.
o Explain why the research problem is important.

â?¢ Problem definition

o Explain what question you are answering by your research.

â?¢ Research hypothesis

o Explain three possible outcomes that may result from this research.
o Define operational definitions for each variable.

â?¢ Identify the variables to be tested.
â?¢ Define the level of measurement for each variable.
â?¢ Define the measurement scale for each variable.

Discuss briefly the remaining steps in the research process you will follow to complete your final project.

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