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Oracle setup

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Put together the processing and setup Step for the following Oracle App Below.

Oracle Processing Setup Step for the following:
Put together the processing and setup Step for the following Oracle App Below.
1. Accounts Receivable
2. Order Management
3. Project Contracts
4. Project management
5. Purchasing
6. Payables
7. Inventory
8. Time & Labor
9. Organization Structure
10. Organization Book of Records
11. Journals
12. General Ledger
13. General Ledger Currency Rates
14. Hyperion
15. Taxpro
16. Financial accounting Controls Hub
17. Concur
18. Payroll
19. Flavours & Energy general ledger
20. Documentum
21. Reporting Ledger
22. Legal Entity
23. Establishment
24. Chart of Accounts, Calendar, Currency & SLAM
25. Jurisdiction
26. Operating Unit
27. Sub ledger Accounting
28. Balancing Segment
29. Primary Ledger
30. Secondary Ledger
31. Multi-Org Access Controls (MOAC)
32. Mapping
33. Costing
34. Billing
35. Cash Management
36. Gap Analysis
37. Ledger Sets
38. Journal Entity
39. Shared Bank Accounts
40. Accounting Structure
41. Flexfield Accounts
42. Balancing Segment
43. Natural Account Segment
44. Cost Center Segment-Global Function
45. Inter Company Segment
46. Management Segment
47. Secondary Tracking Segment
48. Financial Statement
49. Purchase Order
50. Invoice
51. Sourcing
52. Quality
53. Cash Flow
54. Fixed Assets
55. IExpenses
56. Data Integration
57. P2P Integration
58. Procure to Pay
59. E-Business Tax
61. Project Costing
62. Daily Business Intelligence
63. Primavera
64. Data Warehousing Management

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Oracle Processing Setup Step for the following:
Put together the processing and setup Step for the following Oracle App Below.
Accounts Receivable
Set up customers in the database
• Enter customer information
• Enter customer address
• Assign business purpose
• Enter customer contact roles
• Create customer relationships
• Assign customer profile class

Set up for entering transactions
• Define transaction types
• Define auto accounting
• Define transaction batch sources
• Define accounting rules
• Set up document numbering
Define Receivable activity
Enter transaction Information
• Enter commitments
o Deposits
o Guarantee
• Enter invoices with rules
o Bill in advance
o Bill in arrears
• Crediting transactions
Setup for entering receipts
• Define banks
• Define receipt batch sources
• Define receipt classes
Enter receipts
• Manually apply receipts
• Manually creating a remittance batch

Order Management
Customer Order goes on hold as it exceeds Credit Limit.
Release the Order hold (System Hold)
Change the credit limits (Higher or Lower)
Apply Manual holds at the Customer, Order & line level
Release of Manual Holds
Navigate through setup of Hold responsibility
Reports pertaining to Credit Check Holds
Transaction Workbench
• Automatic creation of invoices from sales order
• Creating manual invoices
• Creating manual credit memo
• Reports related to transactions

1. Automatic creation of Invoices from sales order

2. Creating Manual invoice

3. Creating Manual credit memo

4. Transaction related reports

 Print Invoices
 Transaction Register: Listing of transactions (Invoices, credit memos etc).
 Sales Register: Additional Line level information -
• Line type,
• Amount
• Item name
• Tax code
• General Ledger date
• General Ledger account information
 Sales Journal by Customer: Lists out summary Total for the Sales Journal by
Posting Status ,Company & Transaction Currency.

Project Contracts

Contract execution
Letter of intent and contract information is entered in oracle OKE
Approval workflow is set
Contract documents are accessed through Documentum
Business Document Management
Business document information is entered in OKE
Access business documents using Documentum
Initiate requisitions in OKE
Import requisitions into purchasing and autocreate PO
Change management
Enter trends, internal contract adjustments and change orders
Project closeout
Close contracts, close project
Reporting and analysis
Query contracted data
Execute reports

Project management

Create project template: Project Template name and number has to be unique across the Oracle instance. However, each Operating Unit needs to define its own template.
Create project: Can use project template or copy from existing project
Prepare cost budget
• Entry methods: Budget for Low Task, Top Task, Project, resource and date range
Enter agreements: assign agreement amount to project and tasks
Enter revenue budget
• Entry Methods - Budget for Low Task, Top Task, Project, resource and date range.
• Baseline checks whether the agreement allocation for each task is equal to their corresponding revenue budget
• Approval of Budgets can also be through Workflow.
o For doing Billing from projects, Agreements and Revenue Budgets are a must

Setup items
• Item master
• Item validation organization
• Inventory organization
• Item attributes
• Item categories
Setup suppliers
• Supplier information
• Supplier sites
• Locations
• Approved supplier list
Set up Buyers
Set up purchasing options
Set up receiving options
Setup financial options
Set up line types
Set up document types
Set up approval
• Employees
• Jobs
• Positions
• Position hierarchy
• Approval groups
• Approval assignment

Define payable terms
Define payable lookups
Define payable options
Define withholding tax groups
Define invoice approvals
Maintain distribution sets
Define automatic payment programs
Define payment formats
Define payment interest rates
Setup bank information
Define expense report template
Define locations
Enter employees
Define reporting entities
Set up aging periods
Enter suppliers
Define tax groups
Define bank charges
a. An organization which
i. Tracks inventory transactions
ii. Balances
iii. Manufactures or distributes products. Examples include (but are not limited to) manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and sales offices.
b. The following applications secure information by inventory organization
i. Oracle Inventory,
ii. Bills of Material, Engineering,
iii. Work in Process,
iv. Master Scheduling/MRP,
v. Purchasing receiving functions
Time & Labor

Create templates- employee templates, public templates, both types
Create new timecards
Enter hours manually
Enter overtime
Modify current timecards
Make online labor adjustments
Submit timecard
Use notifications
Use a timekeeper
Use escalations
Print timecards
Approve timecards
Setup error messages

Organization Structure
Set fiscal date patterns- ...

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