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Creating Value from Acquisition - Oracle

In what ways is Oracle seeking to create value from its acquisitions?

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// In this paper, we will discuss about the introduction of Oracle. We will also include the name of the companies to whom Oracle has acquired. We will also discuss the creation of values through acquisitions of various companies by Oracle. The paper will also describe the significance of these acquisitions to Oracle with the help of several points.//


Oracle is a well known name among the multinational corporations in the computer technology. Oracle is specialized in making and developing software products such as database management systems of different organizations. The co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation is Larry Ellison. The headquarters of Oracle are situated in California, USA. Oracle has spread its business worldwide. It has a large no. of employees (approximate 10,500 employees) and it is also serving many companies and industries (Oracle's history, n.d.).

Software of Customer relationship management, Enterprise resource planning, supply chain management and tools for database development, middle-tier software systems are also built by Oracle. Oracle is also famous for its flagship product, which is popularly known as Oracle database.

Oracle has many corporate acquisitions with many companies such as Phase Forward, Amber Point, Convergin, Sun Microsystems, Silver Creek, BEA systems, Agile Software corporation, MetaSolv, Siebel Systems, ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 765 words with references.