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    In what ways is Oracle seeking to create value from its acquisitions?

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    In what ways is Oracle seeking to create value from its acquisitions?
    There are different ways in which Oracle seeks to create value from its acquisitions. The most prominent acquisition during recent times is the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. However there are several other acquisitions that enable Oracle to grow, and maintain its profitability. There was a lot of value that the acquisition of Sun gave Oracle. First, Oracle has transformed itself from a purely software maker into a software and hardware maker. This enables Oracle to broaden its customer base. Further, Sun's open source projects were posing competition to Oracle products. This competition was removed by the takeover of Sun. For instance, after Oracle took over Sun, OpenSolaris has been discontinued. Further, Sun has been used by Oracle to sue Google over its Java patents from Sun. So, the accustom has enabled Oracle to fight competition on several fronts. Most importantly, Oracle has now entered the hardware market successfully. Had Oracle tried to directly develop hardware making capacity, it would have taken several years and would have detracted Oracle from its normal business.
    Another important acquisition by Oracle was that of Phase Forward. This company was in a lucrative market of data management systems for the pharmaceutical ...

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