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Improving the SRP System

Put together a summary or recommendation for the following that will help improve the SRP system
a) General Ledger
b) Fixed Assets
c) Accounts Payables
d) Accounts Receivable

Part II
Requirements Document
Test Plan
Design Document
Best Course of Action Plan Proposal Document.

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Use general ledger for automatic recording of transactions, manual and automatic posting of journal entries, reconciliation and generating management reports. General ledger should be integrated with 3PL systems from where accounting information is transferred and journal entries are created.
Data from feeder systems is regularly integrated with GL
Business Requirement #1: Integration of UFMS with Oracle general ledger for transfer of PO related information into staging table of GL.
Business Requirement #2: Include budgeting including UFMS
Business Requirement #3: User creation. Creation of system administrator
Test Plan
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The expert improves the SRP systems. The requirement documents for test plans are determined.