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    Journal Entries

    Every company has a general journal which is used to start the accounting cycle. The general journal is a chronological record used to record all of the firm's transactions. It could be an actual book, or a part of a computerized accounting system. Either way, when a transaction occurs, the first step in the accounting cycle is to record the transaction in the company's general journal.

    Journalizing a transaction

    (1) First, we decide which accounts are affected by the transaction and whether each account is an asset, liability, shareholders' equity, revenue or expense account.

    (2) The rules of debit and credit are used to determine whether each account should increase or decrease as a result of the transaction.

    (3) The transaction is recorded with a brief explanation.

    Debits and credits

    We use the accounting equation to understand the rules of debit and credit. We know that Assets = Liabilities + Owners' Equity. When we have a transaction, we need some way of determining which side of the equation the parts of the transaction affect, and in which direction. As a result, accountants developed the rules of debit and credit. Our assets on the left hand side of the equation are assigned a normal "debit" balance. Our accounts on the right hand side of the equation, liabilities and owners' equity, are assigned a normal "credit" balance.

    Therefore, on the left hand side, a debit will increase assets and a credit will decrease them. On the right hand side, a credit will increase owners' equity and a debit will decrease it. These are opposites! In this way, we can always ensure that after every transaction our assets will still equal liabilities plus owners equity - as long as our debits equal our credits. See also: Posting to Ledger Accounts (T-Accounts).

    A quick summary of how debits and credits either increase (+) or decrease (-) each type of account is provided below. Revenues, expenses and dividends are accounts that are closed out to retained earnings at the end of the period. Because expenses and dividends will decrease the amount available for retained earnings, we call these contra accounts. That is, these accounts exist on the right hand side of the accounting equation, but have a debit normal balance not a credit one. In this way they offset retained earnings, which has a credit balance.

    As a result, under the rule of debits and credits we can expand the accounting equation:

    Assets = Liabilities + Owners' Equity + Revenue - Expenses - Dividends

    Sample entries

    Below are some sample entries with description for typical transactions that would occur during the month.

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    Journal Entries for Quagle Company Debt Investments

    Quagle Company had the following transactions pertaining to debt investments. 2020 Jan. 1 Purchased 40, 8%, $1,000 Steve Company bonds for $40,000 cash. Interest is payable annually on January 1. Dec. 31 Accrued annual interest on Steve Company bonds. 2021 Jan. 1 Received interest from Steve Company bonds. Jan. 1

    Rosco Company Stock Investments

    Rosco Company purchased 35,000 shares of common stock of Paxton Corporation as a long-term investment for $900,000. During the year, Paxton Corporation reported net income of $300,000 and paid dividends of $100,000. Instructions (a) Assuming that the 35,000 shares represent a 10% interest in Paxton Corporation: 1. Prepare

    Plant assets and depreciation

    At December 31, 2017, XYZ Corporation reported the following plant assets. Land $ 3,000,000 Buildings $26,500,000 Less: Accumulated depreciation—buildings 11,925,000 14,575,000 Equipment 40,000,000 Less: Accumulated depreciation—equipment 5,000,000 35,000,000 Total plant assets $52,575,000 During 2018, the followi

    Cash vs. Accrual Basis Exercise

    Please in the attached file, identify the transactions as cash or accrual basis. Enter expenses in parenthesis or with a negative sign. Enter 0 if there is nothing to record on a specific date. Company X completed the following selected transactions during May 16: • May 1: Prepaid rent for three months, $1,200 • May

    Accounting for short-term Notes payable and its' interest

    Ferdie Sports Authority purchased inventory costing $4,000 by signing an 8% short-term note payable. The purchase occurred on September 30, 20X0. Ferdie pays annual interest each year on September 30. Journalize the company's (a) purchase of inventory, (b) accrual of interest expense on June 30, 20X1, which is the year-end, and

    Adjusting Entry for Interest: Milton Company

    On December 1, Milton Company borrowed $420,000, at 10% annual interest, from the Tennessee National Bank. Interest is paid when the loan matures one year from the issue date. What is the adjusting entry for accruing interest that Milton would need to make on December 31, the calendar year-end?

    Accounting Journal Entries Examples

    1. Sold inventory, costing $50,000, on account for $90,000 (recognize both the revenue and the expense). What is the journal entry? 2. Los Pollos Hermanos Inc. received $500,000 to start the business, and issued 200 shares of stock to Gus. What is the journal entry? 3. Los Pollos Hermanos Inc. entered a three year lease wi

    Accounting Conventions and Principles

    Part 3: Accounting Conventions and Principles Accounting conventions represent the principles, assumptions, and rules that guide an accountant as he or she analyzes the effects of business events on the accounting cycle and applies them to various cycle procedures. Part 3 of the assessment requires you to determine which of t

    Sorval Sales Ltd adjusting entries financial statements excel

    Sorval Sales Ltd., a family owned business, sells small tools to retailers... I need help with the journal and adjusting entries. Please view the attachments (do the entries under the additional facts). It is number 1 to 12. Create 12 adjusting entries required to prepare a full set of financial statements. Post in a wor

    Bond Issue Costs and Premium or Discount Amortization

    1. CeCe Winans Corporation incurred the following costs in connection with the issuance of bonds: (1) printing and engraving costs, $12,860; (2) legal fees, $51,170, and (3) commissions paid to underwriter, $69,280. 2. George Gershwin Co. sold $2,106,000 of 12%, 9-year bonds at 102 on January 1, 2014. The bonds were dated Jan

    Governmental and Not-for-profit Accounting

    1 - A city library imposes a fee on patrons to access its electronic databases. The fee has been earmarked to maintain database subscriptions. However, city officials have the authority to redirect the fees to any public use. Should this fee be accounted for in a general fund or a special revenue fund? Why? Is the collection

    Identify the accounting assumption, principles or concept for each

    Can someone please help me state the accounting assumption, principle, information characteristic, or constraint that is most applicable in the following cases. 1. All payments less than $25 are expensed as incurred. (Do not use conservatism.) 2. The company employs the same inventory valuation method from period to peri

    Journal entries for not-for-profit hospital

    The Maggie King Hospital, a not-for-profit hospital, had the following transactions regarding its patient service billings. 1. The total services provided by the hospital to all patients during the year amounted to $19 mil- lion at the hospital's established billing rates. 2. Transaction 1 includes billings to Medic

    Common stock journal entries

    Prepare journal entries for common stock issued above par value and draw up a Balance Sheet showing how these entries are reflected therein. Provide the required references, if applicable.

    Journalizing Transactions and Preparing a Trial Balance

    Town Architects incorporated as licensed architects on April 1, 2012. During the first month of the operation of the business, these events and transactions occurred. Apr.1 Stockholders invested $18,000 in cash in exchange for common stock for the corporation 1 Hired a secretary-receptionist as a salary of $375 per week, pay

    Journal Entries of Revaluation Surplus as per IFRS

    On 1st July 2010, ABC company purchased an equipment costing 10 million. The life of the equipment is 10 years and the company uses the straight line method of depreciation. The company revalues its equipment every year on July 01. The revalued amount on July 01, 2011 is $ 13 million and July 01, 2012 is 16 milli

    Prepare a Journal Entry

    In 2013, its first year of operations, Watts Company reported pretax accounting income of $600,000. Included in the $600,000 was an expense for accrued, unpaid warranty costs of $80,000, which are not deductible until paid for income tax purposes. Watts' income tax rate was 30%. Prepare the entry to record the income taxes for

    Prepare a Journal Entry

    Shane Company uses an accelerated depreciation method for income tax purposes and the straight-line depreciation method for financial reporting purposes. As of December 31, 2012, Shane has a deferred tax liability balance related to depreciation temporary differences of $80,000. In 2013, depreciation for income tax purposes was

    Preparing Journal Entries and Partial Balance Sheets

    Howard Co. as lessee records a capital lease of machinery on January 1, 2010. The seven annual lease payments of $350,000 are made at the end of each year. The present value of the lease payments at 10% is $1,704,000. Howard is responsible to pay executory costs of $2,400 at the end of each year. Howard uses the effective-in

    Adjustments, transactions and depreciation

    1. Give an example of an adjusting journal entry for each of the following transactions. Equal growth of an expense and a liability. Earning of revenue that was previously recorded as unearned revenue. Equal growth of an asset and revenue. Increase in an expense and decrease in an asset. 2. Classify the followin

    Jamona Corporation Journal entyries

    Directions: Review the Jamona Corporation information. Prepare journal entries that relate to the balance sheet items attached with appropriate backup lead schedules for investments, inventory, fixed assets, and capital leases. Prepare appropriate note disclosures.

    Correction entries for improper capital asset and depreciation over three years

    What is the adjusting entry to remove an item that was incorrectly capitalized and depreciated for three years? I believe I would reverse the asset entry and remove the accumulated depreciation. But what is the entry? Also to note, this was not sold, but rather just a one-off cost and use of carpet at a trade show. We did not ta

    Payroll Journal Entry

    Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Shop had a gross pay of $19,000 and a net pay of $13,200 for the latest payroll. The journal entry to pay the payroll would be: A) Salaries Expense 13,200 Cash 13,200 B) Salaries Payable 19,000 Cash 19,000 C) Salaries Expense 13,200 Salaries Payable 13,200 D) Salaries

    Using the Direct Write Off Method

    Gilkey Construction Company writes of the account of Arthur Blanks of $78,000. The journal entry to record this under the direct write off method is: A) Bad Debts Expense 78,000 Accounts Receivable - Arthur Blanks 78,000 B) Allowance for doubtful accounts 78,000 Bad Debts Expense 78,000 C) Allowance fo

    Estimating Bad Debt Expense

    Gilkey Security Systems has the following for the year ended 12-31-09 before adjustments. Accounts receivable $130,000 Net Credit Sales $840,000 Allowance for doubtful accounts $3,000 debit balance Aging of accounts receivable $19,000 Gilkey uses the aging method of estimating bad debt expense. Th

    Interview questions for a financial analyst

    Hi, I am a Sr. Analyst. My team is currently looking for a financial analyst who will report to me and help with the day to day functions of the G&A Department. I work with General & Administrative (G&A) Leaders to help them forecast and budget their P&Ls. I do journal entries, excel reporting which includes a lot of data dum

    City of Sharpesburg: Journal Entries

    Complete in excel in proper format with no lines in the journal entry. 5-12. The City of Sharpesburg received a gift of $950,000 from a local resident on June 1, 2012, and signed an agreement that the funds would be invested permanently and that the income would be used to purchase books for the city library. The following t

    Nonexchange Revenues

    Nonexchange revenues can be of four types. The GASB has identified four classes of nonexchange revenues: - Derived tax - Imposed - Government-mandated - Voluntary 1. For each of the following revenue transactions involving a city, identify the class in which the revenue falls and prepare a journal entry for a gov