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Correction entries for improper capital asset and depreciation over three years

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What is the adjusting entry to remove an item that was incorrectly capitalized and depreciated for three years? I believe I would reverse the asset entry and remove the accumulated depreciation. But what is the entry? Also to note, this was not sold, but rather just a one-off cost and use of carpet at a trade show. We did not take the carpet with us. Please help!

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Are you sure the carpet wasn't a capital asset used in business? The definition of a capital asset includes the fact that it has a use beyond one year. I wasn't sure whether it had been used only the first year, or whether it had been used for 3 years and then discarded.

1. If it had only been used in the year of acquisition, you are correct that it shouldn't have been a capital asset. The entire amount should have been charged to expense in that year. In that case, all three years are incorrect for financial statement ...

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The solution presents two possible choices for the scenario presented. There are complete explanations as well as the format of the journal entry for correction.

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13. The following information was extracted from the accounts of Colaw Corporation at December 31, 2007:
Total reported income since incorporation $750,000
Total cash dividends paid (400,000)
Cumulative effect of changes in accounting principle (60,000)
Total stock dividends distributed (100,000)
Prior period adjustment, recorded January 1, 2007 33,000
What should be the balance of retained earnings at December 31, 2007?
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Cost of sales $120,000
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Loss on sale of equipment 18,000
Commissions to salespersons 20,000
Interest revenue 10,000
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Loss due to fire damage 30,000
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December 31, 2007 140,000

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Renfro Mining Co. has recently decided to go public and has hired you as an independent CPA. One statement that the enterprise is anxious to have prepared is a statement of cash flows. Financial statements of Renfro Mining Co. for 2007 and 2006 are provided below.

12/31/07 12/31/06
Cash $153,000 $ 72,000
Accounts receivable 135,000 81,000
Merchandise inventory 144,000 180,000
Property, plant and equipment $228,000 $360,000
Less accumulated depreciation (120,000) 108,000 (114,000) 246,000
$540,000 $579,000

Accounts payable $ 66,000 $ 36,000
Income taxes payable 132,000 147,000
Bonds payable 135,000 225,000
Common stock 81,000 81,000
Retained earnings 126,000 90,000
$540,000 $579,000

For the Year Ended December 31, 2007
Sales $3,150,000
Cost of sales 2,682,000
Gross profit 468,000
Selling expenses $225,000
Administrative expenses 72,000 297,000
Income from operations 171,000
Interest expense 27,000
Income before taxes 144,000
Income taxes 36,000
Net income $ 108,000
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1. Dividends for the year 2007 were $72,000.
2. During the year, equipment was sold for $90,000. This equipment cost $132,000 originally and had a book value of $108,000 at the time of sale. The loss on sale was incorrectly charged to cost of sales.
3. All depreciation expense is in the selling expense category.

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35. The net cash provided by operating activities is
a. $153,000.
b. $108,000.
c. $90,000.
d. $75,000.

36. The net cash provided (used) by investing activities is
a. $(132,000).
b. $18,000.
c. $90,000.
d. $(108,000).

37. Under the direct method, the cash received from customers is
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b. $3,096,000.
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d. $3,165,000.

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a. $(90,000).
b. $18,000.
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d. $72,000.

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d. $137,918

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a. $56,000
b. $49,975
c. $85,093
d. $45,973

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