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Business Objectives and Critical Success Factors

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Please structure the following document just as the purchasing document below.

Business Objectives/Critical Success Factors

Please structure the following document just as the purchasing document below. See the attached file.

General Ledge
a) Training Discussion
Fixed Asset
a) Training Discussion
Accounts Payable
a) Discussion Training
Accounts Receivable
a) Training Discussion
a) Training Discussion

Training Discussion Purchasing Examples
DSNS site staff need to be trained to manually enter transactions only to make corrections or in emergencies. The electronic protocols should handle the interface otherwise.
Options 1 - 3 affect the IT staff, but not the business users.
Option 4 has major training impact at the 3PLs.

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General Ledger
Business Objectives/Critical Success Factors
To provide effective data integration with Unified Financial management System (UFMS) and other sub-ledgers to improve financial planning
SRP General Ledger Process
• Detailed analysis of current and future needs of organization
• Align business goals with general ledger
• Automate journal import from 3rd party logistics
• Real time transfer of accounting related information as soon as transaction gets recorded
• Posting, reporting and consolidation done in parallel to accelerate reporting
• Include mandatory checks at journal level
• Implement system security and create users with relevant responsibilities
Measurable Outcome
The primary measurable outcome is matching journals at set of books level. With integration of UFMS and general ledger, reporting would reflect entire business process rather than specific sub-ledger processes
Best Practices
Integrate with all current and future vendors to share information electronically
Maintain complete record of transactions in SRP and transactions through 3PL
Recommendation includes integration of connecting systems sharing data and transactions with SRP. This recommendation set eliminates the double entry of transactions into SRP. The 3PL systems would feed in the transactions. Full implementation of MSC requires setting up a transaction server, and that server(s) would be the integration point for the 3PLs.
Maintain common charts of account for future requirements. Along with UFMS system internal government financial reporting extended reporting should be done. This would ensure better quality adherence and increase the trust of customers.
Everyone using the system should be created as user and user management should be performed by system administrator
The CDC SRP General Ledger would be designed around chart of accounts, account structure and integration with 3rd party feeder systems. It would entail use of process integration pack which is a prebuilt set of process flows, application integration logic and extensible business objects and services required to manage the state and execution of a defined set of activities or tasks between Oracle application and given process.
Training Discussion
The staff should be trained on reconciliation of general ledger with other modules and also with 3PL. They should be ...

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