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Discussion on Factors that will Impact CDC/SRP Users

Put together a business summary of the following in the SRP System with CDC. Three to Four Paragraph each.
a) Business Impact
b) Measurable Gains
c) Modernization Impact
d) Key points
e) Justification

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CDC_Business Summary

Business Impact

The existing SRP system was more of a financial system and worked well when the business was low. However as the inventory started increasing there were integration problems of SRP with 3rd party systems. With operations increasing at rapid pace, it is becoming difficult for SRP to match up to it. As a result of it there is a lag between real operations and what is reflected in the system. It also requires many manual transactions which also results in double entry, thus wasting time and resources.

The current business environment is unpredictable. Business processes can change to match up to changes in the industry. However, it could become difficult for SRP to remain aligned with business processes. Hence, modernizing SRP is the need of the hour. It would improve business performance by decreasing the amount of time to process transactions and queries with multiple users accessing the system at the same time.
The modern, Oracle based SRP would streamline transactions, minimizing double efforts. The interface with third party systems would also improve. As a result of these changes, there would be better tracking of inventory and improved reporting ability. Aligned business processes would improve the financial position of the company with scope to handle expanded operations in the future.

Measurable Gains

The new Oracle based SRP system would ensure the availability and rapid development of medical assets. It would also be effective to provide the emergency health security to the ...

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A discussion on factors which will impact the CDC/SRP users is given.