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    Prevention of Tobacco

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    Create a discussion regarding the prevention of tobacco use among young people of today. Incorporate risk factors and factors that influence this behavior. Discuss cessation programs that are geared toward youth and discuss their efficacy rates and factors that may improve them.

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    How to create a discussion

    a. Online - if you are to create a discussion online, likely it will be a forum. Creating a forum topic is a technical (albeit) simple task. Whatever the platform will be, you are expected to be proficient in it. I am assuming that you already have this feature with the software/systems you are using for this class. For more advice on doing that via Windows, visit this link - http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-sharepoint-services-help/create-a-discussion-board-HA010086728.aspx

    b. In Class - Say your professor is asking you to open up a discussion - which is an open-forum talk in which you lead the discussion, what you need to do is to have an outline, and for each section of the outline, you will set the topics to discuss. The topics to discuss are already being asked of you above. I suggest this discussion outline because its simple:

    Overview - The opening of the discussion, where you introduce what the topic is about, what you will discuss and your purpose for discussion.

    Risk Factors - Having discussed the importance of tackling the problem in the overview, list some risk factors that make this behavior happen and discuss each (limit to 3 so that you can discuss each in-depth).
    Cessation Programs - what can stop the problem, discuss 3 examples.
    Improvement on the Programs - what can be done to make each of the 3 programs better? Discuss this topic with the group.

    Obviously, you must be knowledgeable about the topic for discussion. But what you need to do is to 'lead'. First you discuss the topic, then give examples of each, then ask everyone for their take on the matter. You need to do extra resource to help the discussion along. Bring some printed ...

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    The expert creates a discussion regarding the prevention of tobacco use among young people of today. Incorporate risk factors anD FaCtORs That influence the behavior is given.