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    Data Collection Methodology Analysis

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    The results of program evaluation can often determine whether a program will continue to receive funding, attract new resources, or fail to be supported. For these evaluation results to be convincing, however, they must be based on data and collection methods that are valid and reliable. For this Discussion, I am required to find out if the Maryland tobacco cessation and prevention program is using any data collection methods, and if so, what they are.. Is this the best way to collect and measure data for your this program? What would be needed to ensure that the measurements are reliable and valid?


    1.) Are the Maryland tobacco cessation and prevention program collecting data on an ongoing basis? If so, what type of data are they collecting, and with what instruments or tools? Are these appropriate choices? Provide support for the answer.
    2.) If the Maryland tobacco cessation and prevention program does not have ongoing data collection, identify one kind of measurement instrument or tool you would use, and the type of data, for measuring the outcomes of the program. Explain your choice. If a measurement instrument or tool is not appropriate, explain what individual questions or items would be used.
    3.) Briefly explain the concepts of reliability and validity in terms of measurement. Then, for either the current or proposed data collection method described, explain what steps you would take to establish the reliability and the validity of this measurement instrument or individual items.

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    At present, it doesn't appear that the Maryland tobacco cessation and prevention program has an ongoing data collection methodology in place, and I believe that the most appropriate tool to be used for the ongoing process of data collection for a program of this nature, I would be survey data collection. Survey data collection is a methodology by which information about individuals that are participating in this program can be obtained and analyzed, in order to arrive at a scientifically based conclusion about the results of the program up to that given point in time. This ...