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Data Collection in Qualitative Research

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For the topic of research: "Understanding the Process of Organizational Strategic Change of a Local DIY Store"
(sample size: 13 managerial position employees of the store), please give...

- A detailed description of data collection procedures you intend to implement (Interviews and facility observation) for the chosen topic and qualitative methodology (case study)
- A rationale related to ethical issues that have been covered (for example, assurance of confidentiality, anonymity, and respect for persons).
- An informed consent document related to the topic and methodology will accompany the data collection procedures and will be referenced as Appendix A

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Data Collection in Qualitative Research
- A detailed description of data collection procedures you intend to implement (Interviews and facility observation) for the chosen topic and qualitative methodology (case study)

Data collection for the research will be predicated upon surveys and interviews with the employees, supervisors, and leadership that are predicated upon the necessary strategic goals and routine functional activities that will facilitate the strategic change process. Detailed surveys will be issued that focus on the core activities that the business engages in routinely as these activities have more direct impact on the success of strategic change.

In DIY stores, the core activity is ensuring that customers have assistance with their home improvement needs as many customers rely on the expertise of the staff when choosing home improvement products. Therefore, the surveys should focus on customer satisfaction, training for employees, and how the products in the store are arranged. These questions would gauge the current viewpoint of the stakeholders and allow for researchers to ascertain what will ...

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Data collections in qualitative research is provided.

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