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Oracle localization

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Please answer the following questions below.
a) Introduction of localization
b) Information related to no of OUs already in place and as part of LIO how many new OUs will be added.
c) Introductory line for modules. Whether these modules will be affected by LIO? Are part of A&C and already Implemented?
d) Information related to flex field. How a layman would understand what flex field mean?
e) How can you find a document that show Key Flexfields or the steps. What key and descriptive Flexfieds.

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The document provides information related to localization feature of oracle.

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Introduction of Localization:

Oracle applications functionality is for US. However other countries may have specific requirements which are incompatible with standard functionality of the software. These could be statutory requirements such as Tax requirements. To address these Oracle produces patches known as Localizations which are applied to standard Oracle Applications package to provide ...

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