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Reports on Localization

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Put together the following reports on Accounting & Control (A&C) Localization (LIO).

a. SIT Test Strategy
b. Test Plan
c. Test Data
d. Role and Responsibilities of each team member
e. Obtain sign off.

See the attached file.

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This solution illustrates how to report on tests related with localization and the solution has been provided within a Word document.

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Reports on A&C Localization
SIT Test Strategy
The purpose of SIT is to use test cases to determine the readiness of the system, identify critical discrepancies and identify missing functionality.
The defects discovered during SIT would be documented as Tickets. The Tickets would be evaluated on both impact and criticality. High impact and high criticality Tickets would be resolved first in the system followed by Medium impact and medium criticality.
Test Activities
The areas which will be focused by SIT team are:
High level assessment of missing functionality of localization
Execution of gap test cases related to localization
Ad-hoc testing of forms
Ticket creation
Test ...

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