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Relevant Factors to Localize Human Resource Activities

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The specific textbook question posed by a student was: Describe the relevant factors when considering the localization of HR activities. The solution is more than 200 words and provides two relevant factors for localizing human resource functions; employee relations and labor law compliance when an organization engages in business in foreign countries. It is vital to ensure employees do not feel "abandoned" when working away from the "home" office. Labor laws can vary greatly from one country to another. Localizing HR can assist a company to ensure it is in compliance.

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This solution is over 200 words and discusses two major factors in why localizing human resource activities is vital: employee relations and abiding by labor laws. Localization generally occurs when an organization has operations in a host, foreign country; where labor laws and employee relations can vary a great deal from the "home" base. Placing human resource professionals in the local venue will ensure that employee needs are met; while also maintaining the organization's compliance with labor laws.

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The two most vital factors in localization of Human Resource (HR) activities are properly serving employee needs and ensuring the organization is abiding by all labor laws to avoid potential lawsuits. Localization generally refers to an organization that has operations in a foreign country, one that provides a professional to assist ...

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