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Administrative Services Organizations

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Within your chosen organisation you will need to select three administrative services and identify the range of administrative services that are provided and explain who the principal users of these services are and the importance of these services. You will need to explain whether the selected services are restricted or subjected to any relevant legal and regulatory requirements that place any constraints on the service provision.

I was personally thinking Human Resource, Reception, and finance or pay role for the company BAE systems as it is a global company with lots of scope.

Unit spec for this question.

1.1 Evaluate at least three services and the users of these services

1.2 Explain the importance of these services and their effect on the business

1.4 Examine the relevant legal and statutory requirements

3.1 Discuss the design options and the consultation process involved to meet agreed specifications and the need to meet all legal, regulatory and organisational requirement

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Administrative Services and Users of Services in BAE Systems
The three administrative services of BAE systems are human resource, reception, and pay role that are associated with administrative services of the organization. Following are the users of these services in the organization.

HR Services: Human resource is one of the most important departments that play important role in the organization by performing several activities such as recruitment, training, planning and performance increment of the employees and organization. So, the users of HR services in BAE systems are employees, managers and legal departments (Willcocks & Lacity, 2006). After recruitment process, selected candidates get training and existing employees takes HR services in training to improve skills, knowledge and understanding in manufacturing of defense equipments. Managers also get training to understand the needs and expectations of the business of BAE systems to increase production, sales and other activities. Legal department takes the services of HR as it asks for the documents associated with affirmative action reports of employees in handling discrimination and harassment claims and attorney investigations (Reilly & Williams, 2006).

Reception Services: Reception of the organization is the main information place that connects every department to each other internally and externally. Therefore, the users of reception services are interviewees, visitors, employees' family members, business person, head department members and CEO of BAE systems.

Payroll Services: Payroll service performs day-to-day activities related to the data entry ...

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The administrative service organizations are examined.

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