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Devolution of HR activities for line managers

Evaluate the devolution of HR activities to line managers in relation to its impact on the HR profession and for organizational effectiveness.

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Human Resource Activities:

The Human Resource personnel manage the manpower in an organization to ensure that the operations of the company have enough employees who are competent and effective. The employees are the most valued asset of any organization, since they are the main contributors to the achievement of the business objectives. The HR personnel is supposed to hire fresh employees, designing the organizational environment to suit them, compensate the services that they offer to the organization and ensure that the services produced by the employees optimizes the profitability of the organization. The fact that management of human resource activities in the organization calls for liaison with other departments, this has made most organizations to synchronize the HR activities with other line managers (Bach, 2001).

Devolution of HR Activities:

The devolution of the activities of the HR personnel to line managers in the organization has brought negative impacts on the HR profession. The HR profession has now been watered down and lost its functionality in the business world. ...

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Devolution of HR activities for line managers are examined.