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Localization requirements

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Localization Requires: (LIO)
Business Objectives/Critical Success Factors

Putting together the following recommendation on Localization (LIO) Accounting & Control

(a) LIO Testing
(b) LIO Structure
(c) LIO Planning
(d) LIO Modules: Account Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order management, Purchasing, General Ledger
(e) LIO Operating Units
(f) Web ADI Manager
(g) Developing test scenario for Accounting & Control Modular
(h) Developing Web ADI Automation script
(i) Automated Proof of concepts (POC) for Web ADI
(j) Regression Testing, Strategy Planning, Testing Scope, Manually and Automated Executed Successfully
(k) Suggestion on LIO/ Accounting & Control
(l) Accounting & Control Diagram
(m) Measurable Outcome
(n) Best practices
(o) Training Discussion
(p) Recommendation- Put together a recommendation for your offshore team on how to execute these test cases with all the necessary sets and give scenarios.
(q) Risks

• We decided to test only for GEII_VN (Vietnam) operating unit along with GPLLC_HU (Hungary)as a consortium
• Final OUs to be tested in SIT 2 Vietnam & Hong Kong.
• 25 Setup
• 49 setup Manually and Automated
• 21 Operating Units
• Set Scripts
• Master Data

Updated list of OUs for testing

Region OU

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Details of different aspects related to localization are provided

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Localization for A&C Part 2
(i) Automated Proof of concepts (POC) for Web ADI
Web ADI can be automated for multiple processes like uploading journals from spreadsheet into database and into GL. For these automated proof of concepts can provide an illustration and demonstration of the processes. POC document provides details about definition of terms and application throughout the statement.
(j) Regression Testing, Strategy Planning, Testing Scope, Manually and Automated Executed Successfully
Regression testing is performed to test application against breakage. By automating regression testing a reusable test automation framework can be provided and scheduling capability can be improved by running test scripts in different environments.
Strategy planning involves making decisions for different phases of implementation. From ...

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