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1. Explain one of the challenges of software internationalization discussed in Muller's (2007) article. Suggest another challenge not discussed and how a software company might deal with it.

- Müller, E. (2007, October). Measures to achieve quality in localization. MultiLingual, 18(7), 38-45.

2. According to the Computer Weekly report (2007), why do software manufacturers not make software that is more robust? Do you agree with the report's assertions and recommendations? Explain why or why not.

- Improve reliability before adding features, Lords urge software firms. (2007, September 18). Computer Weekly, 10-10.

In order for me to complete my own assignments I need these questions to be answered with at least 200 words.

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As mentioned in the article "Measures to Achieve Quality in Localization" by Eva Müller, software internationalization and localization is important to be able to widen the market size, to meet requirements of customers from any part of the world and to be compliant with the government regulations. Although English is a globally-recognized language to be used as either primary or secondary language in any country, software internationalization can reach out to more people who are more comfortable with their own local language. One of the challenges Müller mentioned is to ensure the quality of the software product during the localization process. She mentioned that localization of a product should be able to adapt to different languages and internationalization features, such as changing date formats, modifying the language and offering ...

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