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    Linear Programming

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    Baseball Inc produces Regular gloves and Catcher?s mitt. The linear programming problem is listed below:

    Max 5R + 8C
    R + 3C < or equal to 1800 Cutting dept
    3R + 2C < or equal to 1800 Finishing dept
    R + 2C < or equal to 800 Packaging dept

    R, C, > or equal to 0

    The computer solution obtained using the Management Scientist is attached (see Figure A). Use the computer solution to answer the following questions:

    1) what is the optimal solution
    2) What is the value of the total profit contribution
    3) Which constraints are binding
    4) What are the dual prices for the resources. Interpret each.
    5) If overtime can be scheduled in one of the departments, where would you recommend doing so.
    6) What does the 100% Rule in relation to the Allowable Increases and Allowable decreases mean in this example. Explain the concept with an example.

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    The optimal solution is found. The expert determines what the value of the total profit contribution is. The binding constraints are analyzed.