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Computer Classifications and Database Management Systems

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Discussion 1:
Conduct thorough research on each computer classification. In addition, address the following points:

*Explain the computer classification of each operating system (OS).
*Describe the software types.
*Identify the generations of computer languages used.
*Reflect on how the software types and computer languages have evolved over time, and what this has meant for the use of these operating systems.
*Include a table in your paper that compares the programming languages according to criteria of your choice, as evaluated in your paper. Use this table to support the assertions in your paper.

Discussion 2:
For each of the following scenarios, select the kind of DBMS that you think would be most useful. Explain your reasoning and the components of the relevant designs (such as data model, data manipulation type, and so on).

Scenario A: the company has a great deal of external and internal data that must be accessed randomly.
Scenario B: the company has primarily internal data that must be accessed sequentially.

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