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    Database management system for an EHR

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    Why is a database management system necessary for an EHR?

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    EHR or the electronic health record, also known by many other names such as the patient electronic medical record, computer-based medical record, etc, is patient data consisting of a unique identifier for each patient along with other relevant information such as name, age, gender, address, health card number, and the like to be stored in a system that would allow care providers to access when required for clinical and administrative purposes. An EHR is like the central link that integrates with other health information technology systems such as pharmacy, nursing, laboratory, and hospital information systems to name a few. Decision-support systems also interface in some shape or form with an EHR to allow research & development as well as assist in decision making exercises. In the history of ...

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    The expert determines why there is a database management system necessary for an EHR.