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Case Study Analysis

I need help answering the following questions to this scenario:

Scenario: The Missing Data: Data Linkages
Jason is a 35 year old black male, who has a blood pressure of 150/90. Jason awakened with a headache this morning (like so many other mornings) so he went to a drugstore to obtain some medication. While there, he took a reading of his BP. He takes the headache medicine he bought and goes on with his day. Because he wears a monitor while exercising, he knows his normal pulse is 72. Jason has an appointment with his nurse practitioner for his annual physical examination. In preparation for this office visit, he is required to compile his health history and bring a list of his medications and his immunizations. Jason is planning a vacation to a foreign country. He has to find all the various notes, receipts, calendar entries, and pieces of paper that refer to his health and health care, look them over, figure out the handwriting or faded types, and re-write everything onto another sheet of paper so he can be ready for the upcoming appointment and obtain the necessary immunizations at that time. Jason does not realize that he needs to share his history of headaches with the nurse practitioner.

1. What is the data in this case study?
2. What is information in this case study?
3. What kind of database structure would you use for personal health information? Explain how a paper database of personal health information can be entered into a computer database.

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1. What is the data in this case study?

The data in this case is worth mentioning. In regards to what is going on with Jason, this is important. To begin with he is 35 years old, which can indicate how good or bad his health is at that time. His blood pressure (BP) is 150/90. Furthermore, he wears a monitor while exercising, which indicates that he knows his normal pulse is 72. This is all he knows about his BP and pulse, and that is the only data present with this case. If there was more data, then one could easily add to it the percent of oxygen in his blood stream and so forth.

2. What is information in this case study?

With regards to the information in this case, one needs to provide specifics. In essence, the entire paragraph is full of information. This includes the BP, pulse, headache, going to another country, looking up medical history and obtaining it for visiting the nurse practitioner. He will provide his history of headaches and ...

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