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    Security of Paper vs. Computer Storage

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    In many ways, security of EHR data is tougher than when everything was stored in paper format. Consider, I cannot walk out of a practice with 50,000 patient records in paper format, but if I had access, I could easily download 50,000 complete patient records to a flash drive, drop it in my shirt pocket, and walk out without anyone being the wiser. What are your thoughts?

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    Dear student,

    Here are my thougts:

    Yes, security of EHR data is tougher than when everything was stored in paper format. The reason is simple. When EHR data stored in paper format that is used to be under the control of few set of personnel's and very few will have restricted access. Paper records to store in facility where only authorized personnel will have access to go through or process the paper records. Even a person got access to few of EHR data in paper format it is not easy to link through or get complete information.

    Whereas "EHR" data being stored on computer storage provides much easy access of going through any desired person by person' first name, last name , address or SSN.

    As ...

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