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    Data storage, wireless communication

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    1. Computer storage is growing at a breakneck pace. Explain some of the disadvantages to this trend?

    2. If you were the IT manager of a university and the school president has given you a directive to find a way to allow students to take closed-book exams at home and be SURE that the person taking them is at all times during the exam the one enrolled in the course. What is a recommended plan?

    3. Wireless communication is everywhere. Will it eventually replace wired communications? Why or why not?

    4. The advantages of increased connectivity (i.e. improved linkage and interoperability) are readily apparent. What can be said about the disadvantages?

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    1. Computer storage is growing at a breakneck pace. Need help explaining some of the disadvantages to this trend? Explain each.

    As computer storage is growing, one of the major disadvantages is that due to this trend there is a growing dependency on computers for storage of data and declining utility and preference for traditional form of storage like physical copies or paperwork. Even though people will argue that online storage is much more economical and environmental friendly, the security of data in paper or physical form cannot be compared ...

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