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    E-businesss technologies and software

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    E-business has birthed new paradigms of operations. IT has changed business processes to reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and add shareholder value. Your goal is now to work with each individual department head and strategize an effective way of operations using ISs. Choose one of the departments of FYC (below), analyze the department, research the various emerging technologies, and write a memo to the department head suggesting various technologies or generic software in the market today suitable for FYC, without comparing/contrasting specific ISV products:

    Sales and Marketing
    Customer Service
    Sourcing and Supply Chain
    Human Resources
    Finance and Accounts
    Administration and Operations
    Corporate Planning and Strategy

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    I will select Sales and Marketing department for this assignment.

    There are a host of software solutions and technologies that sales and marketing department can utilize to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

    One of the major tools that sales department can use is CRM application, especially Software as a Service solutions such as Salesforce.com, which is extremely beneficial in terms of organizing the sales operations in one place. Such solutions help the storage and retrieval, as well as analysis of data with greater accuracy and efficiency and allows the sales team to customize their products and services as per the peculiar needs and ...

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    E-businesss technologies and software to reduce cost and increase productivity