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Examining the Future of Technology-based Learning

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1. Can you please peruse the Internet for readings or resources addressing the topic of Future Learning Technologies - either implicitly or explicitly.
2. Identify and select three peer-reviewed literature resources that address the topic of Future Learning Technologies. Please provide a summary of the article and highlighting the specific main ideas.
3. Please provide a discussion of hardware and software packages that can be used and implemented in your organization, delivery methods, traits of your learning environment(s), and methodologies of instructional design.

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1) Please see the chosen resources/ readings below

2) The Future of Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: The Survey Says

This study includes a survey of teachers, instructors and administrators regarding e-learning. It begins by discussing how many institutions have provided online education programs and many efforts have been made to implement such programs. As e-learning continues to grow, instructors and administrators are faced with many challenges, which the authors term as the "perfect e-storm". This "e-storm" refers to the integration of pedagogy, technology and the needs of students. Given this, there is much questioning about the future of e-learning, its benefits and current state - something which the study hopes to clarify.

*You can elaborate more by reading the introduction here: http://er.educause.edu/articles/2006/1/the-future-of-online-teaching-and-learning-in-higher-education-the-survey-says

The Present and Future of Standards for E-Learning Technologies

This research paper sheds light on the standardization and future of e-learning technologies. It investigates existing standards, workflow, market trends and the optimal route to obtain global standards. It goes on to present various e-learning models and how to achieve global e-learning ...

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The Solution identifies three resources that discuss the topic of learning technologies potential in the future, several examples of hardware and software packages that could be used in an organization, and includes five references.