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    For Your Comfort (FYC): Emerging Technologies and Software

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    E-business has birthed new paradigms of operations. IT has changed business processes to reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and add shareholder value. Your goal is now to work with each individual department head and strategize an effective way of operations using ISs.

    With regards to the Sales and Marketing departments of FYC, analyze the department, research the various emerging technologies, and write a memo to the department head suggesting various technologies or generic software in the market today suitable for FYC, without comparing/contrasting specific ISV products: (Max 350 words)

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    The Sales and Marketing department should know that there are various emerging technologies that will go a long way in improving the sales and marketing performance of FYC and increase its profitability.

    Currently there is software available in the market that will improve your overall marketing performance through online analysis of real time data. This analysis proves invaluable in improving marketing performance and improving customer satisfaction. This software will also help develop new home and office furniture products for FYC . The software collects real time business intelligence and will help the store managers and staff of FYC act fast to meet the needs of the customers. In addition, there is supply chain optimization system that can further improve the margin of FYC. Every marketing and sales team at FYC can be fortified by collaboration software that will give them the tools to make ...

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    This solution gives a suggestion For Your Comfort (FYC) Sales and Marketing head. The purpose is to analyze the department and research the various emerging technologies relevant to the department.