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Wireless Communication to Replace Wired Communication

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Wireless communication is everywhere. Do you think eventually it will replace wired communication?

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An analysis/evaluation of the possibilities of the wireless communication replacing wired communication. References are included.

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In the near future, the problem of wireless system will not be solved easily and will continue to be fragmented using different protocols accustomed to support different applications. It is not easy to replace the wired networks with the wireless systems. There has been long decades and years of using wireless systems, technological innovation and engineers have realized that there are still problems coming out of measurement systems and the uncertainties of security and reliability need to be addressed and solved. To respond to this concern, leading silicon manufacturers are continuously implementing improvements in security and wireless reliability. Additional concerns that wireless systems need to address to be comparable with the existing wired systems include the requirements of data bandwidth and latency, choosing of I/O and power availability, synchronization, and integration in a multivendor system. Wireless systems have limited bandwidth and latency specifications used in communication and this inherent limitation hinders wireless networks in ...

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