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Could someone assist me in understanding the following WPAN, WLAN, WAN, RFID, and GPS. What I am trying to do is understand how these protocals whould be used to connect 4 locations.

Thank you

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The four different locations of a company can be linked together using a Wide Area Network (WAN). With the use of microwave technology, remote data communications can be done by wireless means. Cellular phones communicate on mobile and with wide coverage with the help of cellular base stations scattered around the region. Direct and wireless branch to branch communication can be achieved with the help of microwave repeaters stationed in between the branches to achieve long distance wireless data transfer. with the development of WiMax, Internet service and data communication over the air are very fast and has comparable speed to the wired counterpart. Transactions that are inter-branch becomes faster and easier.

With the help of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) ...

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As an IT consultant, you have been tasked to implement wireless communication for a car company with about with 1500 associates.in four locations.
The system you propose should incorporate the technologies such as WPAN, WLAN, WAN, RFID, and GPS.
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