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Analysis of embedded microprocessors

Analysis of embedded microprocessors

Take one of the following areas - home, cars, appliances, clothing, people (prevent kidnapping, track criminal, etc), consumer products - and investigate how embedded microprocessors like GPS or RFID are currently being used and will be used in the future to support consumer-centric services. Do you see these technologies as becoming a factor in electronic commerce? Why or why not?

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//Before scripting about the analysis of Embedded microprocessors in E-business; we will select the area in which the embedded microprocessors are widely used. It will assist us in understanding the importance of embedded microprocessors in our lives. //


Embedded microprocessor systems are the computer chips, which are used in everyday electronic equipments such as house hold appliances, electronic machines like fridges, cellular phone automobiles, traffic light, factory equipments etc. These types of microprocessor are used by millions of people in their daily life. These systems are not visible because they take place inside the equipments and the size of these types of processors is very small. As these processors are not visible so it does not get any attention from the media and general people. It is found that in 1997 there were approx 30 million microprocessor chips used for personal computers only while approx three billion chips were used in the embedded systems and products.

When the embedded microprocessor system is used by any products or electronic appliances then the value of the product will automatically increase. It gives a ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 691 words with references.