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    Communication Networks, Internet in Business

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    What are communication networks and associated key elements? What are the various elements of Wireless Revolution? How do they impact our business and daily experiences?Is it ethical or good business to monitor employees on networks?Why do Google, Apple, Microsoft all want to include your Internet experience in their business? Which one do you like?

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    //With the advancement in the technology, the communication system and networks have become an essential part of the daily life of every person globally. The use of communication networks have increased in the past few decades. In this context, the following content explains communication networks along with their elements. The wireless revolution and its elements have also been defined.//
    The communication network is a set of infrastructure that is used to allow two or more computers or devices to communicate with one another (Rappaport, 2009). These devices or computers are known as hosts, and the network achieves the communication between these hosts by defining a set of rules that determine the communication, known as protocols (Molisch, 2012). The communication network consists of three primary components, which are a transmitter, communication channel, and ...

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