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Information Systems: Networks

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1. How have networks contributed to the digital divide?
2. If you had your own retail business selling t-shirts:
-How would RFID help you?
-Why would network convergence be important to you?
-Would you have an intranet or extranet? Why?

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Digital divide is the economic inequality between groups, who have access to, and use information technology and communication technologies. Networks have played an important role in the digital divide. They connect people and extend the expected economic gains from the networks. The networks such as the internet help people access social networks, chat rooms, and gaming sites. Those individuals who have access to connectivity get infrastructure by which to connect, and use information that connectivity provides.

If I had a retail business selling T-shirts, RFID would be useful for tracking the T-shirt consignments from the doorstep of the manufacturer to the stores where they are sold. Once the ...

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This solution explains role of information technology in economic inequality . The sources used are also included in the solution.

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