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New business network versus traditional value chain approach

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Please I need help in building my research on the following:

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Van Heck, E. & Vervest, P. (2007) Smart business networks: How the network wins, 'Communications of the ACM, 50(6), pp. 28-37, the guide to computer literature.

Identify and analyse the key characteristics that comprise a smart business network. How do these characterstics better enable organizations and process to respond to change?

Address the following:

Evaluate the author's proposal for a new business network approach rather than the traditional value chain approach.

What role would a network business operating system (BOS) have in utilizing this new approach.

Citation and references.

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Smart business networks have unique capability to rapidly pick, plug, and play. SBN's reconfigure quickly to meet specific business objectives. The core framework of SBN involves four concepts:
1. Information integration
2. Trust in relationships between nodes
3. Network-node duality
4. Overlapping parallel interconnected networks
When these four concepts are integrated properly it forms a framework for a mechanism that can react quickly to its environment and utilize nearby resources to sustain itself in a highly dynamic environment. Integration is an important characteristic of SBNs which when performed across different levels enables the other characteristics of SBNs. Access of information enables organizations to make better informed decisions in situations which demand quick actions.
Trust in relationships is a key characteristic of SBNs. The relationship is the reliance for providing goods and services or for keeping promises. Since every node ...

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