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    Analysis: Global Value Chain and Supply Chain Management

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    Article analysis differentiating between global value chain and global supply chain management. Include in your analysis definitions of supply chain and value chain. Explain which is used in your organization, (want to use the Money Transfer Business) and why it is used. Be sure to cite your references in your analysis. Refer to your textbooks for additional references.

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    // 'Supply Chain Management' and 'Global Value Chain' are often confused with each other. Here, we have to analyze these chains with respect to an Organization. Before writing such analysis, we have to first start with the a brief introduction of both the chains.//

    Analysis: Global Value Chain and Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain is a network of distribution and facilities options that performs the function of procurement of materials, conversion of these materials into intermediate and finished goods and the supply of these finished goods to the ultimate consumers, for e.g. For a single product, supply chain consists of flow of raw material from vendors, transformation into finished goods I.e. Interflow of materials, transportation to distribution centers and supply activities for serving the ultimate customers. The flow of materials is not always along a tree-like network, various modes of transportation and the bills of materials may be considered.

    Supply chain management is the management of all materials and information in the logistics process from the acquisition of raw materials to the distribution to the end users. It helps in coordinating the processes involved in producing, shipping and distributing products. It traverses the whole value chain to manage the procurement of entire range of inputs that are required to produce a product or service so that the process can ...

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