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External and internal information systems

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Please list some examples. The question I think relates to IT systems? How do they contribute to the success of your organization?

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The solution discusses external and internal information systems.

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Information Systems, often referred to IS, have a range of function, varying from allowing companies to keep track of customers, company and vendor products, and current as well as future developments in the company's field of business.

There are several types of IS: example: transaction processing systems, office systems, decision support systems, asset management systems, financial management systems, database management systems, as well as office information systems.
External information systems in a computer security setting would contain the following components:
• Storage areas that hold data in a temporary or permanent state: buffers, RAM, hard disks, external hard drives, cache, USB drives. When data is stored in storage areas, these are managed by a database management system.
• Keyboards, speakers, scanners, etc., are components of an ...

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