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    global technology human resources

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    I'm seeking your professional input regarding issues dealing with global technology human resources and the global technology supply chain. See attached file for full problem description.

    Please do not copy, cut & paste text, copy from previous postings on Pfizer, or provide instructions on "how-to" from various internet sites as a response. Please provide in-depth analysis, supporting facts and include relevant sources. I'm not looking for definitions just specific information please!

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

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    The approaches to optimizing the technical workforce in developing technology solutions across nations and cultural boundaries.

    Specifics: Provide a comprehensive listing of activities and processes that must be addressed to create efficiency in managing a global workforce working on common goals. Present a case for division of the workforce into logical groups that will minimize difficulty of productivity across international boundaries.

    First of all, it is essential to incorporate same kind of corporate culture among the technical workfoce working at different locations throughout the world for Pfizer. The importance of having the same corporate culture comes from the fact that it binds the entire organization within the corporate guidelines and framework and helps in achieving the strategic objective by standardizing the processes, tasks, activities, working styles,etc. among the employees, irrespective of their location of work, cultural background,etc. It provides a sense of unification and creates more loyalty among the employees and make them feel more towards the organization. Such a scenario can only be achieved by providing extensive, training to the employees on various aspects of the organizational culture, work processes,etc. by seasoned inhouse and external HR professionals. This can be supported by standardizing the activities, tasks and processes throughout the offshore locations of the organization.

    Such efforts will harmonize the activities of the workforce stationed at global locations and will help in better coordination, more efficiency and high operating standards, thus making it easier for the company to achieve its corporate goals and mission.

    Further, technology can be put to use to integrate the processes and activities of the technical workforce working at remote locations with those of the workforce present at the headquarters. This can be achieved by using modern softwares and information technogy tools such as ERP systems, collaboration or sharing tools,etc, which can significantly reduce the variances or differences in processes followed by employees at distant locations.

    Further, standardizing the communication process will also help in creating better coordination and improving the efficiency of the organization. Ample training and infrastructure should be provided to employees with the help of information technology tools to create effective communication environment.

    Finally, technical workforce working at offshore locations require full support from their counterparts at the headquarters, without which all their efforts to provide highest quality service to their customers can falter. Thus, management should make it sure that thier technical workforce should get ample support from the staff located at the headquarters in a timely and accurate manner.

    The reasons for strong communication across enterprise division and country borders in successful development of technology solutions.
    Specifics: List several key reasons why communication needs require special and differential consideration in establishing an internationally successful technology organization working toward common goals. Extend the analysis to include common pitfalls in communication processes and offers suggestions as to how those might be overcome.

    Communication is the key to success in large global corporations which have offices throughout the world at numerous locations. In today's technologically advanced world wherein information technology and other communication tools have significantly reduced the cost of communication across the world and has provided numerous options to communicate with people around the world, communication has emerged as one of the critical success factor for international organizations.

    Proper communication is extremely important for coordinating the activities of the workforce located at different locations. In the absence of communication, there will be total chaos in a large global corporation and would make it very difficult for the company to monitor and control its activities outside national borders. In today's quality focused organizations, communication is required at each and every step to ensure that the organization maintains the same kind of quality standards in each of its business areas across its different locations.

    Further, communication is extremely crucial in terms of extending support to the workforce located at different locations, without which there can be a significant reduction in terms of quality of customer service being ...

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    issues dealing with global technology human resources and the global technology supply chain. See attached file for full problem description.