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    R&D Effectiveness of Ballard

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    In particular, review the Web Sites in the posting "Roadmaps" complete a Topic Summary by doing the following:
    a. Using a company of Ballard, create and defend a technology roadmap for that company based on the web site reading assigned.
    b. Describe the stages of technology development as demonstrated in the team's chosen company.
    c. "Research Methods for Managerial Decisions" discuss the similarities and differences between "basic" and "applied" research and that applies to the company of choice.
    Ballard, Technology stages informal only
    Technology progresses through a three-stage technology life cycle (TLC): 1. The new invention period, also known as the embryonic stage2. The technology improvement period, also known as the growth stage3. The mature-technology period. The technology becomes vulnerable to substitution or obsolescence when a new or better-performing technology emerges. New Invention Period The new invention period is characterized by a period of slow initial growth. This is the time when experimentation and initial bugs are worked out of the system. Technology Improvement Period The technology improvement period is characterized by rapid and sustained growth. Mature Technology PeriodThe mature technology period starts when the upper limit of the technology is approached and progress in performance slows down. This is when the technology reaches its natural limits as dictated by factors such as physical limits.

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    a. Using a company of Ballard, create and defend a technology roadmap for that company based on the web site reading assigned.

    1. It is forecasted that the development and commercialization of proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology will bring greater returns to Ballard. This is because Ballard enjoys the leadership position with respect to proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology. This positon however, will be under threat as new membranes using Polybenzimidazole (PBI) or phosphoric acid technology are mass marketed.

    2. There are strong competitors for Ballard, companies like: Electrochem, Lynntech, Nedstack, ReliOn, Inc, DuPont Fuel Cells, Johnson Matthey, Plug Power,Atlantic Fuel Cell, UTC Power (also known as UTC Fuel Cells), E-TEK Inc and 3M. To compete effectively with each of these competitors, Ballard will have to intensify its research and innovate its proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology.

    3. Critical supporting technology areas and their drivers: the most ...

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