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    Cell Phone Industry Analysis

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    Through an e-mail, you inform the vice president of your company, Mr. Smith, that it is informative to obtain a good understanding of the industry environment when developing a strategic plan. You also explain to Mr. Smith that you will be submitting a report for his review conducting an analysis of the cell phone industry. You inform him that the analysis is a critical component of the business plan, and eventually, the topic will arise when presenting the final conclusion to the board of directors.

    For this assignment, you must submit a report consisting of 850-1,000 words in which you discuss and assess the cell phone industry in terms of each of Porter's five (5) forces of competition. In the report, you must also assess the industry's overall attractiveness and identify several of the key success factors.

    For full credit, you must address the following in your report:

    Analyze the cell phone industry.
    Discuss and assess the cell phone industry in terms of each of Porter's five (5) forces of competition.
    Assess the industry's overall attractiveness.
    Give examples of other cell phone companies, and address how they have done in the global marketplace.
    Identify five (5) key success factors for a cell phone company.
    Address the long-term goals for your company's cell phone.
    Discuss the competitive environment of the cell phone industry.
    Identify the overall objective of the cell phone (be creative and address what type of cell phone your company is trying to design).

    Note: Use the library, Internet, textbooks, and/or any other materials to construct your report. Also, make sure to reference all sources using APA style formatting.

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    Cell phone industry analysis
    Cell phone industry of the UK is well developed. In the UK market, there is a huge competition between the cell phone companies. Lot of cell phone companies present in the UK market. Vodafone, T-Mobile, etc. are the major cell phone companies of the UK. The UK market is one of the first markets of Europe which launch 3G service (The Scottish government, 2006). Many cell phones are presented in the market and every cell phone has different features and technology that creates competitive advantage for the firm.
    Porter's five forces model
    Porter's five force model describes five forces that are useful to analyze particular environment of an industry (Hax, & Wilde, 2001). These are as follow:

    Competitive rivalry:
    Competition is high in the UK cell phone industry. Lots of companies present in the UK, cell phone industry. For attracting the customers every company offers different type of cell phone with new technology (The Scottish government, 2006).

    Buying power of customers:
    In the UK, buying power of the customers is high. For attracting the customers, companies offer their product on low price. Companies focus on customers' needs and provides product on different price. Price of the product is based on technology and features of the cell phone (Johnson, 2008).

    Power of supplier:
    Power of suppliers is high in the UK cell phone industry, because many companies present in the market. Success of the firms depends on the design and features of the product. Suppliers provide different part of the product. For maintaining their supplier company gives, them different benefits and attractive price ...

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