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Operations Management Product Design and Life Cycles

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Using McDonald's as the corporation, integrate the concepts and operations management principles.

Please help addressing the following questions:

1) How product design is applied in the decision-making of that organization?

2) Can you describe a Product Life Cycles in the organization?

3) How are different issues for Product Development applied in the organization?

Please provide a reference list.

Please see the attachment as a reference for Decision Trees.

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The solution discusses the operations management product design and life cycle.

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Operations Management
Operations management is concerned with the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation in support and development of the firm's strategic goals; it is also concerned with operation systems designs for providing goals and services. The flow is as follows: planning, scheduling, and activities control.

Historically, operations management was born during the Industrial Revolution, but changed dramatically in the beginning of the twentieth century from an art of standardizing parts to a service of management centered on production of goods (Operations Management, 2007).

Product Design
Product launches are a crucial part of a company's goal to continually innovate within its industry. This involves careful planning because each new product reflects a considerable amount of capital investment. Product design is one of the important elements in new product development. It progresses through a number of important stages that include market research, internal communications and decision-making processes (Cross).

Below are the steps to product design and development:
- Step 1: Idea Development
All product designs begin with an idea. Someone thinks of a need and a product design that would satisfy it.
- Step 2: Product Screening
Once an idea is developed, it needs to be evaluated. Often a business comes up with numerous product ideas. At this stage we need to screen the ideas and decide which ones have the ...

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