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    McDonald's - Design of Goods and Services

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    Integrate the concepts and operations management principles address the following questions as they pertain to the fast food restaurant chain McDonald's:

    1) How product design is applied in decision-making of that organization?

    2) Can you describe a Product Life Cycles in the organization?

    3) How different Issues for Product Development are applied in the organization?

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    1) How product design is applied in decision-making of that organization?

    Product design refers to the development of a product idea, its conceptualization, testing and making of the product. In case of McDonald's it means developing each item on its menu. The category of these items on the menus is also part of product design. For instance, the number of sandwiches, salads and chicken on the menu is a part of the product design. The taste, flavor, and the look of each product also form an important part of the product.

    Product design at McDonald's does not stop at producing a single product but also extends to the pricing of the product, bundling of different items into meals, and the nutrition value of each item served at McDonald's (Kincheloe, J, 2002), .
    The product designing at McDonald's includes combining the art of cooking, with the science of taste and human experience to create food products that appeal to the target consumer. The designers at McDonald's use digital tools to enable the designers to ...

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