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Research Proposal for USAA in the financial services industry

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Please provide a research proposal for a financial services industry (USAA). The outline must include details for each of the following 13 sections:

I. Problem Statement
II. Related Research/Literature Review (include resources for verification)
III. Objectives
IV. Research Procedure (Methods)
V. Population and Sample
VI. Research Design
VII. Instrumentation and Data Collection
VIII. Planned Method of Analysis
IX. Time Schedule
X. Resources Needed
XI. Personnel
XII. Budget
XIII. Needed assurances/clearances

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The expert examines research proposals for USAA in the financial service industries.

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Title of the Study: Marketing Mix Model and Business Performance of the
Financial Services Industry

I. Problem Statement

This study intends to determine the effects of changes in the marketing strategies on the business performance of sampled financial services companies.

Specifically, it will answer the following:

1. How may the sampled financial services companies be described as to: number of years in operation, capitalization, products and services, and organizational structure?
2. What changes in the marketing strategies have been implemented by the financial services companies in terms of:
2.1 products and services,
2.2 price ( as to lending rates, service fees, etc),
2.3 place ( as to branches/outlets and other channels of distribution),
2.4 promotion ( as to advertisement, coupons, direct mail, internet, etc)
3. What changes in the business performance were the results of the aforementioned marketing strategies, as to:
3.1 sales volume,
3.2 effectiveness ( sales/unit of effort),
3.3 efficiency ( sales/cost),
3.4 Return on Investment ( ROI),
3.5 Product awareness, and
3.6 Company loyalty?
4. Are there significant effects of the changes in the marketing elements on the business performance of the sampled financial services companies?
5. Are there significant differences in the effects of the marketing elements on business performance when the financial services companies are grouped as to:
5.1 number of years in operation,
5.2 capitalization,
5.3 products and services, and
5.4 organizational structure?
6. How may the findings of the study be utilized in proposing marketing strategies for the financial services industry?

II. Related Research/Literature Review (include resources for verification)

Financial services industry plays a very important role in the economy of a particular country. They act as financial intermediaries by providing services that will fill up the needs of the surplus units of the economy on one hand, and the needs on the deficit units of the economy on the other. The surplus units may include lender -savers who belong to the different sectors in the economy: household, business, government, and foreign. The deficit units are those who have shortage of funds and are also referred to as borrowers - spenders who may also come from the said fours sectors in the ...

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